Osperia BACKBackup

Allows you to take a backup copy of all your sensitive data

BACK | Solution to secure your data

BACK allows you to take a copy of all your sensitive data and keep them safe on a USB key, external hard drive, NAS and even outside your company via the Internet on an FTP server. The system allows archiving by using the maximum capacity of your media.

Email notifications are available at all times or only on error, depending on your management preferences. In the same vein, your copies can be secured by password if you feel the need.

After each automatic copy cycle (time and day configurable), a result is displayed on the screen so that you can react immediately in case of a problem.

We often give very little importance to the taking of back-up copies due to lack of time or attention. However, it is essential for the good management of your company to manage them adequately.


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